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Justice League: Crazy Randomness Part 2
Me:*Throws explosive carrot at giant ice cube* I saved chu!!
Superman: py fwips blar plum! Alp!!*Waves arms.*
Flash:*Cough cough* I'm
Me: Batman, did you hear something?
Batman: No. Hey, where did Aqua Man go?
Me: I don't know.*Heres splashing in a nearby room.*
Superman: baw cwap.
Me:*Falls down laughing* hahahahaha!! Superman, you sound so stupid!!
Batman: He sounds stupid and I don't, because.... I'm BATMAN!!!
Me: That should be a t-shirt!!
Superman: Ny fud oo blant a p-flirt fof wat??*Slams head on wall* dy mound gike am widiot.
Me:*Laughs* Yes, you do sound like a widiot!!*Hears more splashing rom the near-by room.*
Batman: Lets go check that out!*The three of us, and an injured Flash who is dragging himself, run to the room.*
Me: Aqua Man! Are you in there!?
Aqua Man:*Is singing* Splish-splash, I was takin' a bath, long on a saturday night, yeah!! Rub-a-dub just relaxin' in the tub, thinkin everything was alright.
Me:*Yells* Aqua Man!!
Aqua Man:*Singing stop
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Justice League: Crazy Randomness Part 1
Me: Don't touch
Batman:*poke poke*
Me: Don't touch
Batman:*poke Poke*
Me: Ok, you're not supposed to be touching things in the museum.
Batman: *poke poke* But I don't have this supper-awesome statue of a giant bat!*poke poke*
Me:*Slaps his hand w/ a carrot* Bad Batman!! NO!
Batman:*Huge pathetic puppy eyes* But I wanna touch it.
Me: No
Me: No
Batman: Yes.
Me: *Sees Superman hugging a huge ice cube*First of all, why are you hugging and ice cube, secondly, why is it so big, and finally, HOW DID IT GET IN HERE!!??
Superman: First of all, its too hot in here. Second of all, when you are in the arctic for years, you start to make giant ice cubes. Finally, that giant hole in the wall.*Points to a large hole.*
Me: You know, we are going to have to pay for that.
Batman: I can pay for it. Wanna know why?
Superman: Don't you-
Me: YESH!!!!
Me: You want to know WHY it's too hot in here??
Superman: Yesh.
Me: First of all, you're wearing leggings in SUMMER!
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Isn't my Dad the coolest ever? by KejaBlank Isn't my Dad the coolest ever? :iconkejablank:KejaBlank 793 44 Lonely nights by KejaBlank Lonely nights :iconkejablank:KejaBlank 954 37 Sleepy Jonin by KejaBlank Sleepy Jonin :iconkejablank:KejaBlank 1,048 41 Get Up - No Shading by AcrylicHeart Get Up - No Shading :iconacrylicheart:AcrylicHeart 88 7 No Hell Below Us... by Mizu-no-Akira No Hell Below Us... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 953 27 Duchesse by Mizu-no-Akira Duchesse :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 287 12 Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi Holiday Card Project Stamp :iconheidi:Heidi 2,745 399
I'll love you forever - Denmark x Pregnant!Reader
Mathias sat you in between his open legs, placed his chin on your shoulder and gently rubbed your four-month old bay bump. "Hey, _______, how do you think she will look like?" he asked softly.
You laid your head back at his chest and put a hand over his. "No idea… but I hope she inherit your hair… beautiful blond hair." You felt him laugh and hold you a bit tighter. "I want her to have your eyes… but I don't really care if she doesn't, because I know she'll be cute anyway. She's our little daughter after all!"
You giggled by his enthusiasm. You and the Dane have been married for two years now, and had a wonderful time. He was very sweet and careful by your side, always making sure you were happy. Indeed you were having the best time of your whole life, and now you two were going to have a baby. You smiled and closed your eyes, remembering the day you found out you were pregnant.
~*~*~*~ Flashback ~*~*~*~
It was a cold winter day and Mathias went out for work
:iconfreya-chii:Freya-chii 367 228
Japan x Pregnant!Reader - Last Friend
Japan x Pregnant!Reader - Last Friend
~Kiku’s POV~
I was walking down the lonely hallway after school. My mind reflected on the amount of homework I had to do this evening when I heard someone in a classroom I was passing by. Curiously, I backtracked and looked into the classroom, only to see my best friend _____ with her head on her desk, sobbing. “_____-san, are you arright?” I asked softly. _____ slowly looked up at me, her usually happy (e/c) eyes red from tears and her perfect (h/c) hair sticking out in odd places.
“K-kiku-sama, what are you doing at school so late?” She asked, wiping her tears away quickly.
“I was about to head home when I noticed you here. Is everything okay?” I walked over to her desk, setting my book bag on the desk in front of hers.
_____ faked a smile. “Yeah, everything is perfectly fine,” she lied.
“_____-san, I’ve known you rong enough to terr if your rying or not,” I sighed. _____ bli
:iconlightmyheart:LightMyHeart 44 16
Rock Lee X Reader
It was a snowy Christmas Eve in Konaha as everyone was getting presents for others and many others were having parties. ______was sitting in front of a river and carving a bright rock into the shape of a heart. 'I hope he likes this.' She was making a present for a boy she had a crush on. It was quiet when suddenly, a cat jumped out of the bushes hissing. It made her jump as the rock fell into the lake.
______ stood up and looked into the water. 'I have been working on that for 3 days, I have to get it back.' She jumped into the water. It felt like there were needles stabbing into her entire body. ______ filled her lungs with air and dove beneath the water. She saw the rock shimmering. _______ reached out her hand and grabbed the gift. 'Got it!' She looked up to see total darkness. 'How deep did I go?' ________ started swimming up but her arms and legs were already worn out from trying to get the gift. She continued trying but her arms and legs went limp as her body went numb. The curr
:iconsyphera113:Syphera113 114 58
Mothers Day by ftPics Mothers Day :iconftpics:ftPics 1,278 55 Little Deadpool-ArtPaper android App Wallpaper 005 by ftPics Little Deadpool-ArtPaper android App Wallpaper 005 :iconftpics:ftPics 1,592 83 Awesome Land Live wallpaper by ftPics Awesome Land Live wallpaper :iconftpics:ftPics 3,557 236 Friendship - ArtPaper android App Wallpaper 002 by ftPics Friendship - ArtPaper android App Wallpaper 002 :iconftpics:ftPics 1,264 70 Winter Dreams - ArtPaper android App Wallpaper 001 by ftPics Winter Dreams - ArtPaper android App Wallpaper 001 :iconftpics:ftPics 1,500 59 My Dream Love-Artists Contest by ftPics My Dream Love-Artists Contest :iconftpics:ftPics 522 24



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